Have a hunch that God is just as present on the bar stool or bike seat as in the back pew of a church?

Come join us around the table for conversations that matter, wine, and good food. You don’t need to speak some special language, know anybody or anything, and no one is going to preach at you . . . but someone might ask you a good question.

In a culture of self-promotion and immediate gratification, we’re trying to find and pursue a deeper rhythm. We aren’t a cult of personality or the next new thing. We are low on agenda, and high on face-to-face interaction. Many of us (but not all), would consider ourselves Christians and we’re all at different stages on our spiritual journeys. Lots of us are curious about the person of Jesus and think that his meaning and message has the power to challenge, heal and transform. We have our own doubts and questions, and you’re welcome to bring yours.

We meet once a month on a Friday for a home made meal, plenty of wine, the stories of Jesus, conversation, prayer, laughter, authenticity, and friendship. For variety, an occasional pub night, restaurant outing, etc is thrown into the mix.

This is a group of people who are seeking to live life to the fullest. A place to make new friends. A space to be accepted. A way to gain some perspective on what is truly important.

God is for everybody, including you. For more information please contact Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Kaili Kinnon at kkinnon@stclements-church.org 

If you’re a young parent you might find more connections among our young parent community at St. Clement’s, led by our Rector Andrew Federle. For more information, please email afederle@stclements-church.org.